About us

ΕPsilon Art Gallery was established on 2011 on Loutraki Korinthias, Greece.a

During these years EPsilon Art Gallery has presented many exhibitions with works of more than 120 artists from Greece and abroad mainly paintings and sculpture (painters D. Mitaras, Chronis Botsoglou, G. Stathopoulos, sculptors Theod. Papagiannis, Kiriakos Rokkos etc).

The target of EPsilon Art Gallery in this difficult period, is to give an optimism that art originate and simultaneously to provide new art horizons to the artists enabling them to open a dialogue with the public. In this way EPsilon Art Gallery contributes to the upgrading of Art and culture across all the width of its expression.

EPsilon Art Gallery participates at the Internationals Contemporary Art Fairs (Athina, Thessaloniki and abroad).